Eve Bliss is a wellness lifestyle brand promoting wellness through products, wellness programmes, and community events.

Eve bliss wellness workshop
Eve bliss wellness workshop

Set out by the ambition to make wellness solutions more fun and accessible, Eve Bliss was born

Taking care of our own and others’ physical, mental, and social wellbeing shouldn’t feel like a luxury, a compromise or a challenge.

Our vision & mission

We believe that a truly sustainable wellness lifestyle and ecosystem builds from genuine desire. Eve Bliss is committed to making wellbeing solutions more social, approachable, and culturally relevant so that more people can be inspired to be kinder to their own and others’ wellbeing through all that they do.

Every sip of our product and every participation of our event is a shining act of supporting our mission.

Why "Eve Bliss"?

Eve is the first woman on earth. We want to include that to subtly honor the “mother of humankind” and women. Whilst “eve”’s second meaning is the “the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion”. The word itself encapsulates the feeling of anticipation and joy which is what we hope for everyone to feel when they sip and celebrate.  


“Bliss” means “perfect happiness and great joy” – once again – what we aim to bring  to all our family, friends, and fans through all that we create and in all that we do. “Bliss point” is also a food science term that describes “the golden ratio of ingredients in a food that makes it most enjoyable and difficult to resist”. Our goal is to create this” wellness addiction” so it never feels like a chore or a bore.

Amy from Eve Bliss holding a functional wellness soda
Eve Bliss Community enjoying a wellness brunch together
Friend sharing a functional recovery soda together

Our founder's story

Amy Tsien is the founder and CEO of Eve Bliss, a functional wellness brand launched in August 2022. As the wellness advocate often describes it, “the brand is created to target  three essential pillars in our daily life – Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing, and Community.”

Amy is a retail industry veteran. Her abundant experiences across the fashion, beauty, and wellness sectors enable her to develop a strong sense of trends and what people are looking for. In bustling cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, people are just learning to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing, she noticed that a lot of current wellbeing solutions are rather distant, unapproachable, or unaffordable. So she created Eve Bliss to shatter this stigma. She is a strong believer that wellness should be for everyone and it all starts from our daily habits.

“Making wellbeing solutions more fun, accessible, and culturally relevant is all part of our greater mission to promote the importance of granting extra kindness and understanding to ourselves and everyone around us. Find the glow beyond what we see. Enjoy the bliss we all deserve.” – Amy Tsien, founder and CEO of Eve Bliss

Our Team

Workshops, Programmes and Events for Corporate

Eve bliss wellness programmes workshops

Wellness Programmes, Workshops & Panels

Discover our corporate wellness workshops, promoting physical and mental well-being in engaging ways. From yoga to empowerment panels, we foster holistic team wellness.

Eve bliss wellness programmes community football


Join our community gatherings promoting well-being, like the Eve Run Club and Eve Football Club. Engage in regular runs, practices, and fundraising events for charitable causes.

Eve bliss wellness programmes festivals workout


In 2024, we debuted #GlowWithEveFest Preview, fostering mental well-being through interactive workshops and neon workouts. Eve Bliss creates vibrant, supportive spaces for all.

Workshops, Programmes and Events for Corporate

Backed by science and research, our functional products help you feel your best inside out!

Backed by science and research, our functional products help you feel your best inside out!

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